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Peter Damsgaard Resume Photo_Landscape Crop.jpg

peteR damsgaard

Peter takes a particular pride designing projects that help transform neighborhoods. Examples include MobCraft Brewery which serves as the gateway to the 5th Street corridor and the Cedar Creek Park bandshell in Cedarburg which is a community asset.

David Boyd Landscape Cropped Color.jpg

david boyd, aia

David's experience supports helping to craft community assets. He takes his experience in healthcare and senior life and puts that same careful thought into projects residents and visitors alike will enjoy.

Jessica Landscape Cropped Color.jpg

jessica boyung

Involvement in community design projects allows Jessica the opportunity to leverage her experience with interiors, and to bring a touch of the style and comfort found inside to the outdoors.

John Schwenzen Resume Photo_Landscape Crop.jpg

john schwenzen

As an avid bicycler and photographer, John uses his time outdoors to inspire design.

Craig Wojtczak Landscape Cropped Color.jpg

craig wojtczak

Craig's work on the Cedar Creek Bandshell in Cedarburg cemented his skill and interest in helping design community projects.


Jimmy Davenport Landscape Cropped Color.jpg

jimmy davenport

Jimmy enjoys time outside which enhances his ability to design projects a whole community can enjoy. He brings a fresh perspective to community-oriented design along with an interest in sustainability.

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